Sound Therapy

HUSO Sound Therapy

Experience the Power of Human Sound

Introducing HUSO, a revolutionary Sound Therapy technology delivering real results to users all across the world. Experience better rest, less stress, improved health, enhanced performance and a clear mind with HUSO sound therapy.

Sound Uncompressed

The sounds in a HUSO unit are configured in “lossless” mode. HUSO sounds have not been digitally compressed as most music and sound recordings available through the internet are. The unique tones contain subtle frequency ranges that deliver corresponding health benefits that would be lost if digitally compressed.

Powerful & Transcendent

Human toning is the generator and carrier of HUSO frequencies. Human-generated sound is exponentially the most effective carrier and delivery system of beneficial frequency to the body compared to frequencies or tones that are machine or digitally produced, or tones created through the use of musical instruments, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc.

The body is hard-wired to most readily resonate to and entrain with the human voice.

The human voice can elicit not only a physiological response but often a powerful, transcendent and transformative emotional one as well.

The Water Within Us

Our bodies are 60% to 75% water. Sound waves are capable of penetrating more deeply and for much longer distances in a liquid medium than light waves.

Water molecules surround and are contained within our DNA, RNA, and mitochondria. The ability for these cell components to function, to send, receive, and properly interpret inter and intra-cellular signaling at an optimal level depends to a great extent on the structural integrity of this surrounding water, which can be destabilized by toxic substances and certain electromagnetic signals.

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