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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Ready to Quit? Book Your $395 Single Shot Stop Smoking Session NOW!

You Can Quit!

You can quit smoking – right now! We help people stop smoking for good with hypnosis in a single 2-hour session – without gaining weight. Hypnosis helps you stop smoking for good, easier than ever before. It will bring you freedom and peace of mind again. 

Stop smoking for good

Being smoke-free sets you free. Do it for your own health and happiness—and do it for the good of everyone you love!

Not just cigarettes

We help people stop using all types of tobacco products, including patches, chew, pouches, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, e-cigs, vapes, and marijuana.

Just $395

For the price of just two months worth of cigarettes, you can quit now, and start saving your hard earned cash. What can you do with all the money you’re going to save? For your convenience, we take major credit cards and PayPal.

Note: Results may vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical. Full payment due at time of registration. Refunds are available as follows:

Cancellation 7+ days in advance – 100% refund.
Cancellation between 7 days and 48 hours in advance – 50% refund.
Cancellation less than 48 hours in advance – no refund.


There are many reasons to quit smoking completely

Regain control

Escape the cravings cycle, and stop worrying about how your clothes smell. 

Improved health

Breathe more easily and stop worrying about the long-term effects of smoking – for yourself, and your loved ones.

Save money

Save your money to invest, or to spend on the things that you love.

Feel free

Spend more time with the people you love, and enjoy the freedom of being a non-smoker. Do the things you love again.

A Lifestyle Change

For most clients, smoking is part of their lifestyle, and at Twin Pines Hypnotherapy we understand that quitting smoking is never easy – but we make it easy with hypnosis. You’ve likely already tried to quit before. We go after the root issue that is keeping you reaching for that cigarette – not just nicotine, but the underlying social, and emotional reasons for smoking. Our approach dissolves the underlying issue, giving you the freedom to quit for good.

We help people quit smoking for good all the time, call us today to get started now!

Centered on You

Our approach at Twin Pines Hypnotherapy to stopping smoking is based on the most important aspect of any hypnosis session – you!

We customize stop smoking programs based on your unique issues surrounding the techniques of quitting smoking, including looking carefully at:

• your work and stress level
• your daily habits
• your emotional health
• any distracting behaviors
• stress and other issues contributing to your overall well being

Without Gaining Weight

It doesn’t make sense to trade in one unhealthy habit for another, and we understand concerns that people have about gaining weight when the stop smoking. Our program is specifically designed to get at the root problem and change unhealthy habits to healthy ones so you stop smoking without any weight gain.

Learning To <em><strong>Relax</strong></em>

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