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I’ve been through tons of therapy and counseling, you name it, I’ve done it. The deeper process (of hypnotherapy) was incredibly helpful. I feel incredible now that I’ve experienced hypnosis. Without hypnotherapy I don’t believe I could have come to - in such a short amount of time - how quickly I could do this healing. I feel a lot more grounded, I feel complete, I feel more knowledgeable and self-confident about who I am. And as a mother, as a business owner, those are important things.  I wish I would have done it sooner – this is the most positive way to heal. I just want to say thank you Lawrence for helping to change my life in such an amazing way. You have done wonders in my life! Thank you so much! Lauren H.

Kirkland, WA

When I stepped into Lawrence's office, I was in one of the lowest emotional places I have ever been in. Just 5 sessions later and I can safely say that I have regained my life. I did not know much about hypnotherapy when I decided to see him but after my first session, I was completely blown away. I've spent at least half of my life undergoing a wide variety of psychiatric treatments for depression and anxiety and I gotta say, nothing has ever been as effective, or immediate as my experience with Twin Pines Hypnotherapy. Lawrence Winnerman is pleasant, professional, personable and has a personality that immediately makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommended Twin Pines Hypnotherapy to my friends and family. 5 out of 5 stars!

Gabe D.

Seattle, WA

There is truly something special about this healing art. Hypnosis is a way to go deep and to use our creative brain and our visceral feelings to uncover blockages within ourselves. It's so unique each time! It is exciting to be faced with the unknown and to feel like you're on an adventure of exploring your own mythology.
And I am so grateful. My world is centering and balancing in such a beautiful way.
Thank you Lawrence for holding the space and creating the structure for my life to bloom. Wow. Just wow. Taylor S.

Renton, WA

I was happily amazed to see that I felt positive changes after the first session! Hypnosis uncovered so many things that were significant or seemingly insignificant and allowed me to change my past perceptions of myself and those experiences. I can feel these changes physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It feels like weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I am holding less tension in my body, my thoughts are less negative, and my soul feels healed in ways it hasn’t been before. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself and greater connection with myself through hypnotherapy than I would’ve ever had otherwise. After working with Lawrence, I feel much more positivity and confidence in my life. I feel like I can finally move past the things that were holding me back and create the path that I want to happiness. If new issues pop up, I now have the skills and tools to address them in a healthy way which has given me a newfound sense of power and control in my life. I’m blown away at my progress through hypnotherapy and I highly recommend working with Lawrence if you feel stuck like I did or feel you want to make positive changes in your life. Alora D.

Auburn, WA

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lawrence at Twin Pines and could not be happier with the results. I came into get hypnotized for weight loss and not only was it effective on changing my food habits and excercise motivation, but I also gained a ton of insight on myself in other areas. As a result of my work with Lawrence, I am happier and healthier. I highly recommend Twin Pines. The increase in quality of life and peace of mind is incredible. Brady B.

Seattle, WA

Lawrence is one of the most kind and genuine people I know!  When I went to see Lawrence, he immediately put me at ease and helped me to feel comfortable right away. I knew that working with him would help me feel more confident and secure in what I was trying to accomplish. His overall demeanor is one of non judgement and compassion. He was truly interested in helping me see that I could do hypnosis with his assistance to obtain the changes I was looking for. I know that Lawrence will help many other people with his Hypnosis skills and business! Paulette D.

Everett, WA

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