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Feeling Like You Can't Find Your Future?

The Career Detox is a program designed to do exactly what it says – remove the toxic patterns and behaviors that are sabotaging you from achieving your fullest potential at work, and in your life.

Over the course of this program we dig into everything you know, and think you know, about your career. From the jobs you hated, to the ones you loved, and everything in between. We look at patterns and behaviors that have both helped and hindered you.

The premise of the Career Detox is simple. Everyone should have a job that is fulfilling in these basic ways: Time Balance, Compensation, Passion, Opportunity, Control,  and Motivation. Often, we may find a job that fulfills three or more of these factors, but as we and the job both grow and change, fewer and fewer of the categories are in alignment with what we want and need.

Eventually, we may feel trapped in a job – or even a series of jobs within a single company or industry – so that our overall satisfaction and ability to be happy is compromised.


In situations like this, we need to hit a reset button. Just like we might undertake a detox to heal our body and get it back to a more optimal state, we need to do the same thing with our career. 

“But how?”, I hear you asking. “I can’t just take time off of work and focus on ‘detoxing’. I still have to earn a living.”

For the vast majority of people this is true. We can’t just stop working and start off in a new direction.

The Career Detox is a plan to get you aligned with your core career values while you continue working. The idea is that you are able to get into a place of pride and clarity. From there, you can make adjustments in you current job, or launch a career search for something that positions you much more fully within a place of satisfaction.

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